Lynn M Seekins, CPA


Lynn is one of BBSC’s original principals, having been a key member of the firm since 1997. She is responsible for all BBSC company bookkeeping, payroll, and tax preparation. She serves as the Human Resources Manager of the firm. She also prepares and reviews individual, corporate, S corporate, and partnership income tax returns and after-the-fact quarterly payroll tax filings. Lynn earned a BS in business administration with a concentration in accounting and finance from the University of Maine. She is active in PATAWA Club, having served as president and treasurer in past years. She is currently serving as Treasurer of Wellspring, Inc.’s board. Lynn is a member of the Maine Society of CPAs and the AICPA. When she is not at the office, she enjoys skiing, hiking, reading, and spending time with her family and friends.

Meet Lynn

  • Home: Glenburn, Maine
  • Interests: Skiing, hiking, reading, & spending time with family and friends


“What is the first thing you would buy if you won the lottery?”

I wouldn’t buy something, but I would travel more. I would love to visit every one of the National Parks in our country. I would love to travel to foreign countries as well and to see their history and architecture and experience other cultures.

“What is one food you wish had zero calories?”

Macaroni and Cheese!

“What is your favorite season?” 

The thing I love most about living in the State of Maine is that we have all four seasons.  Spring is wonderful because tax season is once again over and the birds are back and the leaves and flowers are coming in and making everything colorful.  Summer is wonderful because there is time spent at my in-law’s camp swimming and enjoying cookouts and campfires with family and friends.  Fall is wonderful because the air is fresh, crisp and clean feeling and the leaves are changing into vibrant colors.  Winter in wonderful because a fresh coating of snow looks so pretty and allows me to enjoy skiing on the weekends.  So to answer the question – I don’t have a favorite.