Sherry L DeLuck

Staff Accountant

Sherry joined the firm in 2009. Previously, she worked for John Valley, CPA from 2002-2009 and Jason Gould, CPA from 2002-2007. With extensive experience in analyzing client records and preparing tax returns, Sherry is responsible for preparation of both corporate and individual returns. She has previous experience in tax and payroll return preparation, office management, IRS audits, and payroll audits. Sherry earned an Associates degree in business from Pierce Business School and lists her outside interests as reading, gardening, sewing, and camping.

Meet Sherry

  • Home: Hermon, Maine
  • Interests: Reading, gardening, sewing & camping


“What’s the best vacation you’ve taken?”


“What is the first thing you would buy if you won the lottery?”

A place on the ocean